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Petrol stations Tango in Groenlo and Total in nearby Ruurlo (Gelderland) have won the 'Slim Tanken Award 2019' from MultiTankcard. Both petrol stations delivered the cheapest petrol this year with an average liter price of 1,551 euros for Euro 95. The price of both pumps was therefore 10 cents lower than the average pump price paid in the Netherlands.

All Dutch filling stations with at least 1.000 refueling per year could compete for the Slim Tanken Award. Michael Romijn, Fuel Performance Supervisor at Tango, is very happy with the Award for the Tango petrol station in Groenlo: 

“We are of course very proud; it is confirmation that we as Tango are succeeding in our strategy to offer our customers quality products and strong service at a very competitive price. ”

MultiTankcard has put together a top 10 of the cheapest petrol stations in the Netherlands in the period from January to November 2019. Patrick Roozeman, director of MultiTankcard:

“The overview clearly shows which petrol stations want to attract extra customers with the best rates. It is no coincidence that the winners are both located near the border, with strong price pressure from our German neighbors. You can also see that most stations in the top 10 are located outside the densely populated Randstad. Such an overview is of course very useful for our customers. ” Laughing: "You now know where it pays to drive around."

Top 10 of cheapest petrol stations in the period Jan-Nov 2019

  1. Tango Groenlo en Total Ruurlo Inz Kanters, Ruurlo

  2. Tango Winschoten

  3. Tango Borculo

  4. Joontjes Kreditank Sneek

  5. Macro Groningen

  6. Makro Pigeons

  7. Gas station Turfkade (Green Oil BV), Almelo

  8. Macro Delft

  9. Macro Breda

  10. Tango Zaandam

Unmanned petrol stations cheaper

It has been known for some time that refueling with unmanned pumps is cheaper. Only one manned filling station can be found in the top 10 above: the Total in Ruurlo. The average liter price of Euro 95 of   petrol stations were on average 6 cents lower for unmanned pumps in the period January to November than for manned pumps: € 1,61 / liter to € 1,67 / liter. Incidentally, there are approximately as many manned and unmanned pumps in the Netherlands. It is also striking that Tango and Makro are represented in the top 10. 

Price increases

MultiTank Card also tracked gasoline price increases in 2019. Euro 95 increased from € 1,61 to € 1,65 per liter, an increase of 1,8% from 2018. Diesel increased from € 1,34 to € 1,36 : 1,4% increase compared to 2018. The two cheapest petrol stations were, with their price of € 1,55 for Euro 95, no less than 10 cents lower than the average paid pump price in the Netherlands. That quickly saves 5 euros with a 50-liter refueling compared to the average pump price.

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Jan Kanters of Total Ruurlo, is also happy with the news, but would rather not publicize it.

“We are Achterhoekers and don't want to blow too high off the tower. The following applies to us: act normal then you are acting crazy enough. We like to continue working in our petrol station in all modesty. ”