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The move of light-moped riders to the roadway has a positive effect on both road safety and the flow of traffic. This is evident from a first evaluation of the measure in Amsterdam. Since April 8 of this year, light mopeds have been riding on the roadway on most roads within the A10 instead of on the cycle path. The helmet is mandatory. 

Light-moped riders adhere well to the measure and cyclists are very positive about the space created on the cycle paths. The measure was necessary because of the increased popularity of the moped. Together with the increasing use of bicycles, this led to unsafe situations and poor traffic flow, especially on the narrow cycle paths.

Traffic safety and traffic flow

The number of registered accidents involving injuries involving a light-moped rider has fallen sharply since April. In the period April to October, the previous years involved an average of 100 accidents, now there are 29. In addition to the measure, other factors such as weather conditions and less use of mopeds may also play a role. The total number of conflicts between light-moped riders and other road users, especially cyclists, has also decreased considerably. A travel time analysis shows that the arrival of light mopeds on the road does not have a negative effect on the flow of car traffic and public transport.


At the end of October, 80% of light-moped riders used the road where it was prescribed. 85% also complied with the helmet requirement, according to measurements on the street. Between April and October, municipal enforcers imposed 4.270 fines for not driving on the road or wearing the helmet where required. The municipality will keep a close eye on whether these improvements are permanent in the coming period. Opportunities for digital enforcement are also being considered.

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Number of mopeds decreased

The number of registered light-moped riders in Amsterdam has decreased from approximately 37.000 (January 2018) to approximately 26.000 (October 2019) and the number of light-moped journeys has decreased by approximately 50%. The number of trips with mopeds has increased by 16%. These run on the road at a maximum speed of 45 km / h. The increase is partly due to the fact that light-moped riders have switched to a moped.

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Prohibited since April 8, 2019