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If it is up to the House of Representatives, special international trains will run to the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam next year. A motion by D66 and GroenLinks about this received broad support from the rest of the House.

The NOS indicates that MPs Schonis (D66) and Kröger (GroenLinks) emphasize that the train is a good alternative to the plane at short distances and that the House has previously asked for more research into international train routes.

The House is calling on the cabinet to talk to international carriers about a trial of “event trains” to the Eurovision Song Contest. Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen called it a "creative idea" last week.

ProRail previously came up with the plan to enable extra direct trains to Rotterdam. The rail manager has announced a special counter where carriers can request a train path for the entire journey in Europe. A similar counter has been around for some time, the so-called One Stop Shop. However, it is mainly aimed at freight transporters. ProRail previously mentioned direct trains to destinations such as Barcelona, ​​Milan, Prague, Vienna and Munich. But also Moscow and Stockholm.

State Secretary Stientje van Veldhoven previously responded positively to the idea of ​​ProRail.

"At short distances within Europe, the train must not only become the most sustainable option for travelers, but above all the most attractive option," said the State Secretary.

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