After the news that Havi, one of Oad's transport partners, had filed for bankruptcy, the travel company set to work to ensure that its trips could be carried out as planned. The travel organization announced today that this has been successful. This also applies to the summer travel 2020.

“Of course we don't leave our guests out in the cold. After all, they were looking forward to a nice Christmas trip ”, says Arjan Koster, director Oad.

The news, as we have come to expect from the travel industry, has been well received and we have received heartwarming responses from the industry. Thereby is Beans concrete help offered by various fellow coach companies.

We would like to thank all industry peers who have offered and provided help. It gives a feeling of unity and warmth. We can be really proud of that in the travel industry. It feels a bit like a real Christmas story.

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Arjan Koster - director Oad
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