Greenpeace climbers hung a banner next to Schiphol's control tower. Watch out for those who have to fly from Schiphol. Demonstration takes place in several places. A 24-hour mass action is planned in Schiphol Plaza. Just like the pollution and nuisance at Schiphol, this continues day and night.

The Marechaussee was present to maintain public order and to monitor the airport processes. There was a stage in front of Schiphol Plaza and there were performances by Brownie Dutch, Magic Tom & Yuri, Annabel Laura and Antillectuel. protest consists of several parts. 


More than 25 activists were arrested on Saturday. They left the Maxima Barracks in Badhoevedorp. The hundreds of other activists have all been transported from Schiphol Plaza by buses to locations far outside Schiphol, including Krommenie, Santpoort, Uitgeest and Zaandam. 

"Among the people who have been arrested are young people who are worried about their future and residents of Schiphol Airport who lie awake at night from the noise and are concerned about the health of their children.", said Dewi Zloch from Greenpeace. 

The activists made themselves heard in the heart of the big polluter Schiphol for almost seven hours on Saturday. Greenpeace thinks the mayor's response is out of all proportion. “The right to protest is a great thing. This also applies at an airport. The fact that the mayor has not respected this raises our deep concerns about the space in our democracy to expose abuses. ” 

Municipality of Haarlemmermeer is a crossroad

The municipality of Haarlemmermeer did not want demonstrations inside in the public space of Schiphol Plaza. Greenpeace continued the action anyway.

“That is why we ask Schiphol, in the heart of the pollution, to come up with a climate plan. Aviation cannot continue to spring the dance, ”says Dewi Zloch of Greenpeace. 

Trained activists are participating in the 24-hour mass action indoors and plan to stay through Sunday.

“We are claiming our right to peaceful protest. Moreover, it is not our goal to hinder travelers. That is why, in the heart of pollution, we are asking Schiphol to come up with a climate plan. Aviation cannot continue to spring the dance. ”

Peaceful mass action

On Saturday 14 December, the peaceful Greenpeace 24-hour promotion will start at Schiphol Plaza. Trained activists will take their stage in the heart of the polluter to request a climate plan from Schiphol. The aim of this peaceful mass action is not to hinder travelers. Nevertheless, the mayor of Haarlemmermeer does not want us to demonstrate indoors.

Supporting manifestation

The supporting Greenpeace manifestation starts outside the door of Schiphol Plaza on Saturday at 13:00 PM. The official address is Jan Dellaertplein. This event is for all ages and visitors. Protestival will be opened on Saturday by The Brass Rave Unit. 

Presentation is in the hands of Aren van Muijen and there will be performances by: Brownie Dutch, Magic Tom & Yuri, Annabel Laura and Antillectuel. It stage program is fixed, subject to last-minute changes. On Sunday there is also a supporting event that starts at 12:00. This day is presented by Froukje Jansen. Protestival will be closed on Sunday around 14:00 PM.

PHOTO: Marten van Dijl / Greenpeace

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An activist is being taken from Schiphol Plaza by the authorities.
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