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In order to work with the new BCT cards, the BCT needs, in a taxi, a software update from a BCT manufacturer. This update and the replacement of the BCT cards must be completed by the end of March 2020, because after that date all current personal cards for the BCT will no longer work. 

The replacement of the BCT cards takes longer than expected, but by the end of March 2020 all personal cards will have been replaced and the software update has been carried out. The Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) started a program to replace the cards for the BCT in December last year. Kiwa is carrying out this replacement operation on behalf of the ILT.

Status of the roll-out of new BCT cards

In a letter to the Lower House, the Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management van Nieuwenhuizen announced that in the transition period from January to March 2020, both old and new BCT cards can be used. 

The digital certificates of the old maps will be withdrawn from 1 January for technical reasons, which is why the ILT will continue the current enforcement practice (street enforcement where fines can be imposed) and desk enforcement will only be fully implemented from mid-2020. In the meantime, desk enforcement will be further optimized and expanded.

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