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Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen (Infrastructure and Water Management) wants to make half a billion euros available for road safety. She hopes that provinces and municipalities want to invest the same amount so that a total of one billion euros more will become available over the next ten years to tackle dangerous traffic situations in municipalities and provinces.

“The impact of a traffic accident is huge. Behind the cold figures about the increasing number of road accidents are stories of great human suffering and sorrow. We are already doing a lot to improve road safety. Think of the recent bicycle ban and the campaigns to alert people to the danger of distraction and alcohol in traffic. But we have to go the extra mile. I therefore want to make half a billion euros available and I hope that provinces and municipalities will participate. So that we can reverse the trend together, ”said Minister of Nieuwenhuizen.

Today the minister is speaking with administrators from provinces and municipalities about improving road safety. In this meeting, Van Nieuwenhuizen will offer to double the amount that provinces and municipalities allocate for improving road safety. In the period 2020-2030, the minister wants to make 50 million euros available for this every year.

Last year, ministers Van Nieuwenhuizen and Grapperhaus (Justice and Security), together with provinces, municipalities, transport regions and various social organizations, presented a new vision for safe traffic, the Strategic Road Safety Plan.

As part of this approach, the dangerous roads, cycle paths and intersections and roundabouts are mapped out in provinces and municipalities. With the extra money that the minister now wants to make available, these dangerous situations can be tackled quickly.

The fall in the number of road casualties has stagnated in recent years. In 2018, there was even an increase in the number of road deaths by more than ten percent. The majority of road casualties are on municipal and provincial roads.

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Minister of Nieuwenhuizen