More and more Dutch people go on holiday in the winter with a camper. Previously, winter was a time to park the camper. Today, more than thirty percent of people with a camper leave in the season. This is evident from a poll on the NKC website.

The poll was completed by 3.980 respondents. Traditionally, campers go to winter storage in the fall, but this will change. Most winter campers look for a warm destination during the cold months, 45 percent go on a sun holiday with the camper. Spain is by far the most popular destination for hibernators. Portugal and Morocco are also regularly visited.

To the snow

A minority looks up the snow and goes on winter sports with the camper (20 percent). Germany, Austria and France are favorite destinations for winter sports enthusiasts on wheels. At their holiday destination, over 65 percent of those surveyed go down the slopes with skis or snowboard. Hiking and cross-country skiing are also popular activities on a winter sports holiday. About half of the winter sports enthusiasts adapted their motorhome to better withstand the cold. Motorhomes spent up to 4.000 euros on the adjustments.

More and more overnight locations are opened

The third group of motor home travelers who leave with the motor home in the winter, mainly makes shorter trips not far from home (35 percent). Stan Stolwerk, director of the NKC, explains the increase in the use of the camper in the winter. 

“Traveling with the camper is so comfortable nowadays that it often doesn't matter whether it is winter or summer. Also, having a motorhome is increasingly becoming a lifestyle. You use that camper as often as possible, not only in the summer. In addition, more and more overnight locations are open all year round. ” 

About two-thirds of all campervan overnight accommodation locations are open in the winter period on the Campercontact app. Winter sports enthusiasts with a camper do not have to be afraid of cold during their holiday. 

“Campers are equipped with heating as standard and are well insulated against the cold. If this is not the case, all kinds of adjustments are possible to make the camping equipment winter-proof. Motorhome pitches and campsites on the slopes are also often equipped with all kinds of facilities, such as a drying room for skis, wellness and a living room where you can sit in the evening. ”Says Stolwerk. 

About NKC and Campercontact

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The NKC is Europe's largest motorhome club with 55.000 members. As a consumer platform, the NKC represents the interests of Dutch motorhomes. The NKC has its own insurances, organizes group trips and is the publisher of, among others, the motorhome magazine. 

With the international, the NKC facilitates more than two million European motorhomes in their search for the ideal place to stay. With over 32.000 motorhome locations in more than 50 countries, Camper contact one of Europe's largest motorhome location platforms.

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