The most polluting cars are no longer allowed to enter Ghent from 1 January 2020. Three years ago, Ghent decided to introduce the low emission zone (LEZ) on 1 January 2020. The aim is to improve air quality. In general, the principle applies that heavily polluting cars stay outside the city ring, you have to pay for less polluting cars, the least polluting cars can enter the city for free.

Along the main approach roads of the city, there are six fixed cameras that scan all cars entering the city on license plate. You can see through the license plates whether it is a polluting car or not. Nine fixed cameras will be added by 2021.

No fines in the first month

“I realize that shortcuts will emerge in Ghent. That is why we also have a mobile camera ready. This mobile camera can be used when we see that certain streets are used a lot by drivers with polluting cars. The cameras that are now there already provide a great chance of being caught. Fines are only issued from 1 February. If you drive a polluting car within the city ring and you get flashed, you will receive a fine, which can be up to 150 euros. In the first month, no fines will be issued yet, but you will receive a letter stating that from February you will be fined if you enter the city with a polluting car, ”said Schepen Tine Heyse.

Public services

The waste collector Ivago has also adapted the fleet in Ghent. Ivago has 191 cars and all but one the adaptation to green energy has taken place. According to Ivago's Koen Van Caimere, they have been working on the switch for some time. 

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Nothing will change in Ghent for the travelers of the Flemish Transport Company De Lijn. There are 248 buses in the three depots of De Lijn in Gentbrugge, Destelbergen and Hofstade and most of the buses are allowed into the city. The other buses can be used on the long-distance lines. These are the lines from Lokeren to the Ghent Sint-Pieters station.

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