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Minister of Nieuwenhuizen Wijbenga will make the traffic decision about the speed reduction on December 19. Within the framework of the Road Traffic Act, it is possible to take a traffic decision immediately without following the extensive procedure with draft decision and view procedure. In addition, she will start preparing for the new maximum speed during the appeal period.

Implementation of speed reduction

The new speed will only take effect when the roadside signage has also been adjusted. Rijkswaterstaat will implement this adjustment in one long weekend from Thursday evening 12 March to Monday morning 16 March. In the event that the planned work cannot proceed - for example due to bad weather - the work will be moved to the long weekend from Thursday 26 March to Monday 30 March.

On motorways where it is currently permitted to drive faster than 06 km / h during the day (between 19 a.m. and 100 p.m.), the new speed will be reduced to 100 km / h. Nothing will change on motorways with lower speed limits. The speed limits between 19 pm and 06 am will also remain unchanged. The opening and closing of rush-hour lanes continues to be based on intensity, so they open as soon as the traffic on the road gives cause to do so. As indicated in her letter of 11 December 2018, the Minister will not permanently open the rush-hour lanes because this will lead to an increased crash rate.

After the reduced speed has come into effect during the day and traffic has become accustomed to this situation, it will have it investigated whether the negative effects on traffic safety of permanent opening of rush-hour lanes found during the day are found in previous studies.


Rijkswaterstaat and the ministry will actively inform road users about the new situation. We do this through the use of our own communication channels by including the information in VanAnaarBeter's communication. In addition, they will ask the relations to include this speed information in their communication channels and travel information.

The situation on the road changes for road users. It is important that it is clear to everyone when the new situation comes into effect and what the signs along the way mean. This applies to Dutch road users, but also to foreign road users. Clear signage is necessary for safety and traffic flow.

The date of the work and thus also the entry into force of the new speed limits will be communicated in advance in advance. This also applies to any postponement due to weather conditions.

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Minister of Nieuwenhuizen