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Three copies that normally run between the station and 't Zand have been standing still for two years at the depot of De Lijn. The buses are charged wirelessly via induction. But those charging plates have been defective for a long time. "Incomprehensible“, Says Flemish Member of Parliament Annick Lambrecht, who was until last ships of mobility in Bruges. 

After Ghent, it now appears that the three electric buses of De Lijn in Bruges have not been running for two years. Flemish MP from Bruges Annick Lambrecht of SP.A found out: "The charging point of De Lijn apparently does not work."

De Lijn electric buses were purchased 4 years ago. They were then proudly presented during a press moment. But there were immediate problems with it: at first they could only drive 7 kilometers. That problem was addressed so that the buses could drive longer distances. 

But two years ago, De Lijn's three electric buses suddenly stopped working. Flemish MP Annick Lambrecht discovered this.

“The charging point on the De Lijn site is not working. That is not understandable: De Lijn buys electric buses, launches them with a lot of fuss and only afterwards do they see that the charging point is not working. And so they let three buses, which were nevertheless a very large investment, decay. ”

There is a topical debate on electric buses and mobility in Ghent on Wednesday afternoon in the Flemish Parliament. It was announced there on Tuesday that the electric buses will be scrapped because there will be no charging points. Annick Lambrecht from Bruges wants to intervene for SP.A in that debate about De Lijn. 

“I want to know how people see the future of the electric buses in Bruges. You can't have climate discussions and then choose clean buses and let them wither. Nobody thinks that this is a good policy. ”

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