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Royal Dutch Transport wants to unite all existing and new market parties who want to work together in a MaaS ecosystem in the KNV MaaS Lab, to build that open MaaS ecosystem together. The world of mobility is undergoing a major change with the arrival of Mobility as a Service (MaaS). With MaaS, the traveler is completely unburdened with an app when booking and paying for his trips with all kinds of transport. 

During the animation video it is clearly explained what MaaS means and what the opportunities, consequences and possible dangers are of the digitization of the mobility market and the arrival of MaaS. With a view to the latter, KNV is introducing the KNV Maas-Lab.

“A partnership is important for existing and new market parties who want to work together in a MaaS ecosystem. For example, KNV wants to create a powerful interlocutor for governments, in which one can help shape regulation that is good for everyone. ", Said Sonila Metushi during the last Pitane Mobility user day in Scheveningen.

As a sector organization, KNV is constantly involved in public and private consultation structures that must shape the Maas Lab. Thanks to this continuous active participation, KNV is able to effectively represent the interests of its sectors and makes an important substantive contribution to mobility issues at both national and international level. Good contacts with politicians and the civil service are of great importance in this regard. 

“We see a broad transition in the mobility market. Demand-driven mobility is the future. Digital platforms have the telecom market, travel industry
and music world fundamentally changed. MaaS has the same effect, which means that the mobility market must regroup. If we don't watch out, digitization means that all power will lie with one party. The MaaSLab wants to prevent us from having an 'ego system'. We do this by forming an ecosystem with a broad coalition of carriers, MaaS providers and platforms. ”

For the member interests of the Maas-Lab In addition, to be able to promote optimally, KNV works closely with national and international interest groups, such as the employers' organization VNO-NCW, IRU and UITP.

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Sonila Metushi
Sonila Metushi - KNV