A new system is being prepared for the rates charged by the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) and Kiwa to the transport sectors. In this context, the Minister has an international benchmarking have it done. The final report was sent to the House today, as promised during the budgetary debate of I&W on 17 October.

The aim of this study is to compare the rates, costs and procedures for 17 Dutch licenses with 17 comparable licenses in five EU Member States. This concerns the inland shipping, bus, freight, aviation, rail, taxi, fishing and merchant shipping sectors.

In the Netherlands, the current system has a total of more than 600 rates for the various IenW sectors and several schemes. The new tariff system will drastically reduce the number of tariffs and tariff regulations, ensures uniformity of the working method and introduces a new structure of the tariffs.

In the Netherlands, a taxi company must have a permit for taxi transport. This is proof of admission to the profession of taxi operator. In addition to the national rules, municipalities may impose additional quality requirements on taxi drivers and taxi companies. For example, to be allowed to stand at local taxi stops or to pick up a customer on the street, a local taxi permit is required.

Because the taxi sector is nationally and / or regionally oriented and the permits in the selected Member States are based on national and / or regional laws and regulations, there are no equivalent permits in this sector whose rates can be compared. That is why (in contrast to the other sectors) it has been examined for the taxi sector which different types of permits are required to be admitted as a taxi transporter in a certain area. 

It differs per country (city) whether a permit is required at company level, person level or vehicle level and whether a maximum is set for the number of permits. In addition, it differs whether certain knowledge, practice and / or medical tests are required.

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