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The man is suspected of having committed a total of four acts of sexual assault and rape with a weapon. The ball started to roll when a ULB student hit one Facebookpagina posted an anonymous post. In it she said that last Saturday evening she was taken by a man who pretended to be a taxi driver from Collecto, which is a service in Brussels, where several people are picked up by a taxi at the same time.

The man would have kidnapped her, locked him up and raped her. The young woman went to the police the next day to complain about the rape. The public prosecutor then opened an investigation into the suspected perpetrator. During a press conference, the Brussels public prosecutor's office now confirms that a suspect was identified and arrested this morning in Ixelles. 

The suspect is bus driver Yacine B. (44), a father of two children with no legal past, except for some traffic offenses.

Questions about taxi safety at night

These are the facts in the student's Facebook post and three other sex offenses that he allegedly committed earlier this year. He would have always used the same method: as a taxi driver, he waited for the students at a Collecto stand, but according to the public prosecutor's office, the man did not even work for the taxi company. An investigating judge will now conduct the further investigation. 

On the student's Facebook post, several women have commented that they experienced almost the same thing near the university. After the kidnapping and assault of the Brussels student by a fake Collecto taxi driver, many questions arise about the safety of taxis at night.

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