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Last Thursday, Mobility Id BV Broek op Langedijk, the company of Dusseldorp Beheer BV and known from the website, received preliminary moratorium granted. Today the company already became bankrupt declared possibly leaving one of the largest creditors empty-handed.

Taxiboeken is a booking platform for booking and paying taxi rides online. The platform was set up about five years ago from a project for the national government. The company has always worked for renowned parties such as the Ministry of Defense and has a national network of carriers.

set up in a project for the national government

The Mobility ID company of Ruud Dusseldorp and Fred Winkel took over the online platform from Jan de Wit Group in September 2015. was set up in a project for the national government and was quite successful in the first few years. In 2017, investment company Scheybeeck took over part of the shares of Mobility ID to help take the service to a higher level.

The MobilityID company was even visible for a season on the LED boarding of a large number of Eredivisie matches. Both on the boarding along the field and behind and next to the goal. This resulted in great brand awareness. In combination with an intensive online marketing campaign, this generated many new customers for taxi books.

difficult to maintain clout

However, it has proved difficult to maintain this clout lately, and it has been difficult to keep innovating lately, so that even requests from digital links with many companies were not forthcoming. Customers were also not tender in the reviews as a result of which the company scored only 2,7 in the quality assessment. MobilityID recently entered into a partnership with Success Parks. An organization with eight bungalow and recreation parks spread across the Netherlands and Germany.

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Although deferment of payment for MobilityID and should not immediately lead to bankruptcy, this is in most cases the precursor. In the case of MobilityID, this was within 24 hours. AHJ Dunselman van Schenkeveld Advocaten has been appointed as a trustee in this bankruptcy. The last annual accounts were filed for the 2017 financial year.

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