The national arrival of Sinterklaas in Flanders is on Saturday, November 16 at 13.35 pm. Saint Nicholas arrives in Antwerp by steamboat from Spain. For the second time at the new location. This year the boat will moor at the Verbindingsdok-Westkaai around 14.05 pm. There, Sinterklaas is welcomed by Bart Peeters and Mayor Bart De Wever.

Afterwards, the Saint and his retinue moved in the direction of the Hanzestedenplaats via the Napoleonkaai, the Nassau bridge and the Oostendekaai. The holy man arrives at the Hanzestedenplaats at the MAS at around 14.45 pm and addresses the children and their mothers and fathers at around 14.50:XNUMX pm.

Entry to Apeldoorn by steam train

Sinterklaas arrives in the Netherlands that same day. De Goedheiligman and his Pieten make their entry into Apeldoorn by steam train. They become welcomed by the (acting) mayor of the city, after which the Saint goes on horseback among the children.


In recent years, there has been much debate about the color of the traditional Zwarte Piet. In practice, experiments are conducted with, among other things, colored Piet, rainbow Piet, soot sweep Piet, chimney Piet and unmaintained Piet. In most municipalities, however, the Petes remain black or dark brown. Some children and adults of Surinamese and Antillean descent perceive a black-painted servant as discriminatory.

Shortly after the national entrance, Sinterklaas also arrives in almost all cities and villages with the most diverse means of transport. However, the fungus is rarely missing. Even though the bishop is brought in by boat, carriage, moped or helicopter, often a nervous horse is waiting for the sometimes not very skilled rider, after which the animal makes for a spectacular or uneventful entry on the spot.

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Zwarte Pieten - point of discussion
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