The Lowpad was named the best logistics innovation of 2019 by the jury of the Logistica Award 2019. This low, compact and omnidirectional AGV transports almost all load carriers and finds its way safely and flawlessly between the employees in the warehouse. Jury chairman René de Koster presented the Logistica Award on Tuesday morning 5 November during the first day of the Logistica trade fair to Eurotec, the company behind the Lowpad. In addition to the professional award, a public award was also awarded, which was also won by Eurotec.

The Lowpad is another milestone in the lightning-fast development of automated guided vehicles (AGV), also known as autonomous mobile robots. The only 12 centimeters high and compact vehicle - developed by Eurotec from Bleskensgraaf - can lift and move shelving units, roll containers and Danish trolleys. Unique are the driven steering wheels on the four corners of the vehicle, allowing the Lowpad to move from any position in any position; also diagonally or in a bend.

In addition, the professional jury is fond of navigation technology, which, unlike many existing AGVs, does not require any facilities in the area. An image of the floor is enough for the Lowpad to determine its location with an accuracy of a few millimeters. A combination of safety sensors and safety bumpers ensures that employees are not at any risk if the Lowpad with loads of up to 600 kilograms enters their working area.

Chairman René de Koster of the six-member jury was full of praise for the quality of the entries. The Lowpad was one of the four nominated innovations. The other three nominees: Container Unloader from Copal Handling Systems, Box Pick Cel from Robomotive and VebaBox from VebaBox Cool Solutions.

“These range from innovative improvements to existing systems to new, concrete solutions. All innovations are all very applicable in day-to-day logistics practice ”, says De Koster, professor of logistics & operations management at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

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Lowpad winner Logistica Award
AGV application in warehouse
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