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In women-friendly cities you may spontaneously think of public toilets and more lighting, but not immediately women's taxi. If it is up to Girl's Ride, two taxis will be driving around Brussels on Saturday evening that only take women, at least that is the plan of a new taxi service for and by women. Girl's Ride women's taxi is an initiative of a Brussels person student of 24, which indicates that she does not always feel safe as a woman in the city. 

According to bruzz she doesn't always feel safe in the city. She already launched a call on the Instagram account of Girl's Ride to share negative experiences with taxis. The women's taxi initiative is not really innovative and hardly got off the ground in many other cities where it was introduced. 

The apps have been available in Paris since last year Femme au volant en Kolett VTC. The latter now employs about XNUMX female drivers to bring the Parisiennes out and home safely. Pink Taxi is also active in Egypt a women's service for women in a country where sexual harassment is endemic.

According to the initiator, the taxi should cost 10 euros per ride and leaves on Saturday evening. With an average number of trips of two per hour, the revenue model is doomed in advance to go under, as it is far from covering costs for driver and car costs.

Discrimination at the root of the business model

Refusing a man as a passenger or driver is discrimination. In London, Pink Ladies therefore works as a separate members' club within a regular taxi company. In France, the apps only propose female drivers, but men can also board if they are accompanied by a woman. According to the companies, that would be enough not to work in a discriminatory manner.

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