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While answering Mr Van Raak's parliamentary question about major abuses in funeral services, the Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations Ollongren indicated that the trade association itself can set rules about how it wants to act against members who do not comply with the set standards or internal rules. meet.

They can also actively inform which funeral directors are affiliated and have a quality mark. This can help surviving relatives in their choice of a funeral director. In addition, a trade association can always report this to the police or report it to my ministry if it suspects that it is acting in violation of the law, depending on the nature of the suspicion.

Major abuses in funeral care

The reason was the reporting on funeral care in the Telegraaf of October 10 and the episode of Undercover Netherlands of October 13, in which these circumstances were discussed and shown. In itself, transporting the body of the deceased abroad is not an abuse. This is permitted under the Agreement on the carriage of corpses, provided it is done with a laissez-passer. The regulation for this has been given concrete form in Article 11 Decree on funeral services. Violation of this regulation in the funeral sector is punishable by law.

The Minister has been in consultation with the sector for some time about ways to prevent abuses in the funeral sector.

“The funeral industry largely consists of people who dedicate themselves with heart and soul to organize a dignified and respectful funeral or funeral delivery of the deceased. The recent reporting in the Telegraaf article and the broadcast of Undercover in the Netherlands concerned one entrepreneur. The BGNU stated that it had never experienced this. At the same time, this report confirms the importance of preventing such abuses. I am already discussing this with the industry and I will also be discussing it with your House shortly. ”Said Ollongren in answering the parliamentary question.

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Kajsa Ollongren