As of the coming summer season, Oad will compensate for all its bus trips and CO2 emissions, making it the first bus travel organization in the Netherlands to offer all its bus trips as standard with compensation for CO2 emissions. With this we make the choice for the customer without having to pay extra for it. This way our customer can travel carefree and responsibly.

“Traveling is fantastic, but unfortunately also has a negative effect on the climate. Despite the fact that traveling by coach is already one of the least polluting forms of transport, as a travel organization we find it important to take our responsibility when it comes to sustainable travel, ”says Arjan Koster, director of Oad.

To this end, it has partnered with GreenSeat, part of the Climate Neutral Group. GreenSeat has calculated that it will offset the total emissions from all Oad bus transport. The amount involved will financially support three projects that will give households in developing countries access to sustainable energy.

Marjan Verbeek, Strategic Partnership Manager GreenSeat: “We are very pleased with this step from Oad. They are at the forefront of the bus travel sector and hope that more will follow.

Plays with this step Beans in response to the growing desire from its customers to contribute to a better climate. Of course, reducing CO2 emissions is the ultimate goal, but offsetting CO2 emissions is the first step in contributing to a better climate. People will continue to travel and in anticipation of sustainable developments from the mobility sector, Oad as a tour operator wants to be progressive with this step. The ANVR sector organization is also paying increasing attention to sustainable travel. Oad also signed the International Tourism Plastic Pledge, with which they declare their commitment to reducing plastic pollution at holiday destinations.

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