Packet service DPD opens the doors of the first DPD City Store and Urban Depot in Rotterdam. By opting for a central delivery location in the center of the city and electric transport, DPD contributes directly to more sustainable city logistics. With the pilot, the company will realize 2020% emission-free parcel delivery in Rotterdam by 100. The DPD City Store also offers customers various services for extra comfort, privacy and return convenience.

Comfort and ease of return

From this month, packages from the company for recipients in Rotterdam will be delivered to the Urban Depot in the center of the city. Recipients can pick up their package at the adjacent DPD City Store or have their package delivered from the Urban Depot at home. In the latter case, specially developed compact electric vehicles are used to spare city logistics as much as possible.

The DPD City Store with an area of ​​100 m2, is located on the Schilderstraat and offers, in addition to the possibility to pick up and bring packages, various extra services. For example, recipients can use a fitting room so that they can return their package immediately if an item does not suit them. Customers can also return packaging material, print return labels and take a cup of coffee or tea with them on their way home.

Sustainable ambition to test new 'last mile' concepts

Due to increasing urbanization and the fast-growing e-commerce market, the crowds in cities are increasing. The parcel deliverer expects parcel volumes to double by 2025. This development requires innovative solutions for distribution logistics and in particular the 'last mile'. The DPD City Store in Rotterdam will be used to test new 'last mile' concepts and to further investigate the wishes and needs of recipients.

“Our company continuously develops and tests new customer-oriented solutions to respond to market demands. We are also working hard to reduce our CO2-footprint. The pilot in Rotterdam is such an innovative solution and directly contributes to our climate objectives. In 2020, we will realize 0% emissions for the first time in Rotterdam, the first step towards zero-emission parcel delivery throughout the Netherlands. ”, said Eric Dietz, CEO of the Netherlands.


For this pilot, the company is working closely with the municipality of Rotterdam and TNO. The objective of the municipality of Rotterdam to develop the city center into a 'Zero Emission Zone' in 2025 fits in perfectly with DPD's ambition. This makes them the ideal collaboration partner. The DPD City Store is located at Schilderstraat 32a. Customers are available Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 21.00pm and Saturdays from 9.00am to 18.00pm. 

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DPD City Store Rotterdam
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