The company Cabture BV in Amstelveen, with which Louaie El Rowidi operated WiFi screens in taxis, was declared bankrupt by the court in Amsterdam on Wednesday. The company specialized in advertising and market research.

The always enthusiastic El Rowidi had his screens in three hundred Amsterdam taxis. During his conversations, the young entrepreneur often used throbbing names to convince new advertisers and worked together with parties such as Heineken, Rijksmuseum and T-Mobile.

Endless screams for investors

Cabture started in June 2014 with its then business partner. It is clear that El Rowidi was not unique with the idea. In New York, thousands of taxis are driving around with advertisements on WiFi screens and the CBS morning show. It was not that far in the Netherlands for Cabture.

“The tourist is helped much better on the way and shown around the city, and in some cases even gets the ride for free. We want to give that foreign model a Dutch look. ”, Says El Rowidi.

It was clear that the company was not doing well. Every visitor to the website was informed that investors are needed. Despite everything, we did not see the screens in places where one could expect this.

Earning model no reason to do something with it

With the Cabture the intention was to welcome travelers by name. For example, they could link their Spotify account and let their own music be heard through the car and would be presented with tailor-made offers, news, weather and public transport travel times.

The plans were too good to be true, but investors believed in the concept. Technically it was less than promised. Established values ​​in the taxi software industry barely came across Cabture and the revenue model was no reason to do anything with it in the Dutch market.

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