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The Amsterdam taxi organizations TAT and Taxistad have been summoned to appear in summary proceedings by 35 of their drivers. The drivers demand a ban on the suspensions imposed on them and are brought to trial again.

The summary proceedings follow the decision of the court in The Hague last month that the taxi organizations are obliged to impose the minimum sanctions prescribed by the Municipality of Amsterdam. Amsterdam street taxis must comply with strict rules that are strictly enforced with suspensions and exclusions.

According to the drivers, the imposition of these sanctions is not acceptable in the changed market conditions. The main objection of the drivers is the distortion of competition by other taxi companies such as Uber, which operate illegal street work on a large scale. The number of street taxis has also grown considerably in recent years.

Ruud Lagerwaard of the taxi organization TAT, which will be brought to trial tomorrow:

"We understand that our drivers go to court. The Municipality of Amsterdam does nothing against the large-scale robbery of illegal street taxis, while we have to send our drivers home for minor offenses for a month. The water is on their lips. ”

Alderman Sharon Dijksma has announced that the strict enforcement policy towards street taxis will soon be changed in order to eliminate inequality with other providers of taxi services. Until then, however, the taxi organizations are obliged to implement the minimum sanctions unconditionally. The summary proceedings will be heard tomorrow at 13.45:XNUMX at the Amsterdam District Court.

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