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One year after the start, automotive start-up MrWheelson raised growth money to finance the scale-up. MrWheelson allows Dutch car buyers to easily compare and purchase a car from abroad online. With the capital injection of Rudy Kappert and Alvola, MrWheelson can further develop the back office, scale up the marketing and expand the team so that growth can be continued stably.

MrWheelson's popularity can largely be attributed to the popularity of auto imports in combination with the full-service service the platform offers. For example, advice is given on the best way to meet the mobility needs in terms of fuel and lease form.

“We prove to be the perfect channel for the critical buyer who has an extensive wish package. But also for buyers who no longer see the forest due to the many possibilities through the trees. Because we can draw on a huge European car stock, buyers are able to assemble their used car as if it were a new car, ”said founder Bas Oude Luttikhuis.

Dashing growth

In the first 3 quarters, the platform managed to double the sales of cars. This ensured that cooperation was sought with strategic business partners.

“To become a major player, it is necessary to gain more clout and improve our services. We found partners with specific knowledge and an international network in the automotive industry, both online and offline, in Alvola and Rudy Kappert. ”, Says Oude Luttikhuis.

Alvola is an activity of Jurgen Wolkotte and Iginio Voorhorst. Jurgen Wolkotte says: “I myself have gained a lot of experience in the international automotive market over the years and have seen many changes. That is why we also see many opportunities in the MrWheelson concept, which was the reason for us to join.

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Rudy Kappert has experienced the development of the online automotive up close with his various concepts; “During the development of Accelerator and Autowereld I saw how fast the developments are going. The challenge lies in the development of the concept in combination with a perfect implementation. The experience and drive of the entire MrWheelson team was the reason for me to join this. ”

About MrWheelson

Sherlock Wheels BV is active on the Dutch car market under the name It is an online car company with a virtual stock that comes from only renowned car companies from Europe that are offered at Dutch roadworthy prices. On October 1, 2018, the company was started by Bas Oude Luttikhuis (previously active at ikwilvanmijnautoaf) and Han Post (15 years of car import experience).

The company focuses on the premium segment and derives most of its turnover from car brands such as Audi, Mercedes Benz, Land Rover, Porsche and BMW. In addition, MrWheelson currently supplies many electric cars that are difficult to supply in the Netherlands. Buyers are often entrepreneurs, but private buyers can also find the website. Lease forms such as financial, operational and private lease play a major role in this.

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