In collaboration with the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT), the police, on behalf of the Public Prosecution Service, confiscated 35 taxis during the investigation into illegal taxi transport.

The seizure took place because all these vehicles were used for illegal taxi transport. The three investigated companies are located in Heerhugowaard, Woerden and Zaandam, and were mainly active in the Amsterdam region.

The investigation also established that 25 of the 35 taxis were also not insured under the Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Act. The investigation by the police and the ILT under the leadership of the Public Prosecution Service of Amsterdam is continuing. The investigation team does not exclude further seizure and arrest (s). 

Investigate illegal taxi transport after suspicion

De police had previously initiated an investigation into the management of several taxi companies in collaboration with the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate on behalf of the Public Prosecution Service. Locations were visited in Heerhugowaard, Woerden and Zaandam on Tuesday 3 September 2019. It is suspected that there is a systematic provision of illegal taxi transport (mustaches) in an organized context.

No arrests were made, but two taxis were seized and the administration of the parties involved was claimed.

The investigation was initiated in response to concrete indications that the companies, especially in Amsterdam, were guilty of violating the Economic Offenses Act under the Passenger Transport Act 2000 and the 1994 Road Traffic Act.

Offering illegal taxi transport disrupts the taxi market. The working method, which is now being investigated, is highly anti-competitive.

The Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate and the taxi team of the Infrastructure Service of the Amsterdam police unit took part in the audit. These services are investigating further the findings of their findings today. The results will follow at a later time.

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