Peruvian airline Peruvian Airlines will temporarily stop flying and may become the fifth airline to go bankrupt in a short time. The curtain has also fallen for XL Airways. For the Peruvian airline it is a combination of circumstances. The company wanted to import two commercial planes, but the temporary importation law does not exist in Peru. As a result, customs seized Peruvian Airlines' accounts.

XL Airways can now definitively enter the history books. The corporate court rejected the single takeover bid. End of September stopped XL Airways already has ticket sales. The French price fighters are currently having a hard time because at the end of September the curtain also fell on Aigle Azur.

Companies topple badly for Brussels

Brussels Airport handled over 2,5 million passengers in September, but that is much less than was taken into account. Various bankruptcies and strikes are at the basis of these poor monthly figures, as a result of which it processed 1.8% fewer travelers than a year earlier in the same period. In addition to disappointing passenger numbers, significantly less freight was also processed. The airport handled 12.3% less cargo than a year earlier.

British government wants regulatory changes

Because of all these unforeseen setbacks, the British government wants changes to the regulations. The overturning of Thomas Cook, in which all stranded travelers had to be retrieved, was a major financial loss. The British government and the Civil Aviation Authority hired external planes to get everyone home safely.

The government proposes to amend the regulations so that in such situations the aircraft and crew can still fly to bring the stranded passengers home. The current system immediately lands the aircraft and crew.

It is not clear who will have to pay the costs within this proposal. Suppliers of, for example, catering, fuel and baggage handlers naturally want to have certainty about paying the invoices that are sent after bankruptcy.

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