The main task of student finance is to determine the law, to take the underlying decisions and to pay the student finance. The grant can consist of various sub-products such as a gift, performance-related grant, interest-bearing loans and a travel facility. For the allocation of the travel facilities, information is provided to Public Transport and DUO collects claims for the incorrect possession of the travel facility. 

In addition, the interest-bearing loan paid out will be collected after the right to student finance has ended. Other tasks include providing the education contribution and study costs, and collecting tuition fees for students and participants aged 18 or over. 

The last task concerns the awarding of a grant for teachers who wish to broaden their professional knowledge or further specialize. Answering (telephone) questions and handling complaints, objections and appeals are part of these tasks.


Education, municipalities, research institutes, intermediary organizations and also partnerships are funded within Funding. After calculation, decisions are sent, obligations are recorded and the amount is paid. Other tasks are the accountability of the funding, the provision of facilities (around the founding of schools) and the handling of objections and appeals for the entire OCW. The Customer team offers first and second line information to institutions and chain partners about all education laws and regulations.


Exams include the logistics surrounding the central exams in VO and the organization and administration of state exams VO and NT2 at several times in the year. DUO carries out executive activities for the Central Final Assessment PO. This concerns both the digital purchase in the form of the Adaptive Central Final Test and supporting processes for the purchase on paper. An extension of the examinations is the issue of a Certificate of Examination in case of loss of the original diploma, or another form of replacement training document.

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General parts

Data Registers and Information Products (GRIP) concerns the collection, management, availability and enrichment of educational and basic data. Students, parents and institutions provide data to DUO that are stored in registers. Together with data from national basic registrations, these are used within DUO or made available to others for reuse. 

DUO provides data to other organizations (schools), citizens and to OCW and other ministries for their primary processes and policy information. Different registers are distinguished. There are registers aimed at participants, institutions and study programs, for relative absenteeism, for completed exams, competences and diplomas. DUO has an increasingly informative role to educational participants and educational institutions. 

Information products focuses on the provision of structural and ad hoc deliveries of policy information and deliveries for budget / reference estimates to the administrative department, field organizations (such as the councils) and other authorities (such as municipalities and other departments). The customer service unit provides DUO with broad generic facilities in the field of portals, e-mail facilities with customers, the public website and logistics services (eg postal management).

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