More than a year ago, Jaguar almost twice committed a coup in Germany. Not only did the brand enter the taxi industry then, but the manufacturer, traditionally dominated by the German brand with the three-pointed star shape, has changed the image of electric cars. A fleet of fully electric Jaguar I-Pace cars was brought into service at Münchner Taxi Zentrum in Munich.

It was a wise move for Jaguar to start in the taxi sector in Munich, with its poor air quality. The city is home to BMW and Mercedes, but also the city where local government subsidizes taxi rides in EVs at 20 cents per kilometer in an effort to improve air quality.

Jaguar Land Rover CEO Prof. dr. Dr. Ralf Speth handed over the keys of the new cars to the Munich Opera House, in the presence of Munich Mayor Josef Schmid and Dr. Gerd Ennser, chairman of ADAC Südbayern. It was time for a new era.

At the transfer ceremony, of course, Gregor Beiner, General Manager of Taxi Center Munich was expecting a cost advantage from his new EV fleet with the arrival of the cars due to the low service and operating costs.

Charging half fleet

A fluid two-shift system for the taxis was made possible by the installation of a specialized fast-charging infrastructure. Investing in electric cars is very expensive, because the entire fleet can never be used simultaneously during normal service. Everything depends on the driving behavior of the driver, the way the car is handled and weather conditions.

"Our drivers were given a separate training session so that they could become familiar with an electric car and the specific features of the I-PACE. At the base, five cars are charged, while the other five I-PACEs are on the waySaid Gregor Beiner.

Customers can order an I-PACE taxi in Munich either through it taxi center from Munich or via the mobile application, which allows you to order a taxi in more than 130 cities across Europe.

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Traditional Munich street scene
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