Today three secretaries-general sign the Dutch sustainable mobility pledge of Anders Reizen on behalf of all ministries. This means that the national government is committed to the ambition to make the business traffic of all civil servants more sustainable, so that its CO2030 emissions will be reduced by 2% * by 50. Anders Reizen is a coalition of employers who want to accelerate in sustainable business mobility

Lideuurde Ongering, Secretary General of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management: 

“IenW has been involved since the foundation of Anders Reizen in 2015 because of our goals to make traffic in the Netherlands cleaner and more efficient. I am pleased that the other departments are now also joining the coalition. The entire national government represents more than 110.000 civil servants, so we are going to make even more impact. This is a good example of the implementation of the climate agreement. ”

With over 50 major employers, the coalition represents Travel differently already about 325.000 employees. They implement a sustainable mobility policy in their organization through 10 successful measures. 

Hugo Houppermans, director of the Anders Reizen coalition: 

“I am very happy with the arrival of the largest employer in the Netherlands and compliment the government on this exemplary function. The strength of this network is the willingness of employers to share and develop their knowledge and to take the lead alternately. With measures such as electrification of the vehicle fleet, a stricter parking policy, a new bicycle scheme and no more flying under 700 km, these frontrunners accelerate the drop in CO2 emissions from their business mobility. ”

The Anders Reizen pledge will be signed during the Sustainable Mobility Festival in Amersfoort organized by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management on Tuesday 1 October. At 18:00, Secretary General of IenW, Lideuurde Ongering, will perform the official act in plenary closing of the program on behalf of all ministries.

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drs. Lideuurde Ongering
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