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Slovenian Star Alliance airline Adria Airways had filed for bankruptcy with the court in Kranj last Monday, canceling all remaining flights immediately. Over the past five days, society has been looking intensively for solutions to its serious financial problems.

The airline has continued to operate a shuttle between the Slovenian capital Ljubljana and Frankfurt, the main hub for its alliance partner, Lufthansa. The German airline is believed to have paid to continue the flights.

The airline flew with Saab 2000s to Lugano, which is only suitable for aircraft in that category. Due to the collapse of the Slovenian company SWISS now without equipment to operate Lugano.

Adria Airways also hits SWISS

Adria Airways' bankruptcy also affects SWISS. The Swiss airline used aircraft and crews from Adria between Zurich and Lugano, but is now forced to drop that route for the time being, with ten thousand duped passengers.

The Swiss airline offers passengers the option of catching the train or flying via Milan. A structural solution is being considered, whereby the train is also a good option due to a newly opened tunnel towards the region around Lugano.

Disastrous last month

Adria Airways succeeds Thomas Cook Airlines and two French airlines - XL Airways and Aigle Azur that filed for bankruptcy last month. Last month has been catastrophic for struggling travel companies, as new bookings aren't coming in at enough levels to pay off the many bills from last summer.

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Adria Airways