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According to FNV, the Taxi collective labor agreement is complicated on some points and the organization states that if the scheme is not understood, the employer will abuse it. Take the break arrangement, for example. The employer may pause you for 90 minutes outside the work location. He can divide that time into 6 times 15 minutes a day. If the work falls away for a while, no wages have to be paid over that time. And you don't have to be available to the employer either.

If you are not available, the employer must give an interruption start and end time. If you always have to keep an eye on whether the employer needs you, then you will not have a break. You are available. The employer does not have to sell no if suddenly work arises. That means a profit for your employer. It is even worse when the employer classifies breaks afterwards when it was quiet.

Outside the work location, the employer may give a 90-minute break per day. If he takes breaks afterwards without you having had a break, you will be short of money. Example: per week you lose 7,5 hours x 52 weeks x € 13,75 per hour. That saves you € 5,362,50 per year.

“Are you group transport drivers with a repetitive morning and afternoon ride? Then the employer does not have to indicate that you have an interruption every time. This is evident from your timetable. It's different if you do different taxi work around your journeys'.

Labor costs are simply the largest cost item and provide the greatest savings potential. In order to ensure that you receive sufficient wages and that you also have sufficient free time, it is important that the employer applies the rules properly. We give you a number of tips so that you can keep your employer to the collective agreements.

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Everyone knows that there is not always work available. Ultimately, this is a risk for the employer. It is not reasonable to pass that risk on to the employee. The employer must pass on that risk to the government in the price. And the only one who can force the employer to do so is you. If your employer gives breaks afterwards or does not give an end time for the break beforehand, discuss the tips with your colleagues and call FNV Taxi there.

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