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The last edition of the Pitane Mobility user day was held on September 20, 2019 in Scheveningen at the Carlton Beach Hotel and was entirely devoted to the 25th anniversary of Censys BV and the 10th anniversary of Pitane Mobility. In addition to a fascinating agenda and many interesting speakers, Pitane Mobility users and customers from all over the country had come to the seaside resort.

Celebrating jubilees

Customers who have been using the services of the Eindhoven company for more than 20 years have been honored in a special way. The gentlemen of the companies Taxicentrale De Meierij from Liempde (Jan and Luc van Kasteren) and City Tax The Hague (Habib Sourmanshahi) present not only received a flower, but in 2020 they can receive free licenses for all drivers for one year for the use of the new Pitane Driver App.

During this special day, a travel voucher worth EUR 500 was also distributed to guests present. After the draw, Peter Verhoef of Achttax BV in Rijswijk received the travel voucher from Evi Saey.

MaaS has become an important point for Özcan Akyol at home

Gerrit Saey, director of the jubilee company, and columnist TV maker and writer Özcan Akyol, presenter of Sterren op het blad (broadcaster Max), agreed on the debate afterwards, the last word has not yet been heard on MaaS (Mobility as a Service).

Eus regularly participates in talk shows such as Jinek, Pauw and De Wereld Draait Door and during the Pitane Mobility user day in Scheveningen, he talked to our guests.

“When I was asked to enter into discussions with the public a few months ago, it already resulted in a lively discussion at our home. I have a girlfriend from the corner of Groenlinks and I am more of a boy from the conservative right. We both have the best for the world in terms of the environment and sustainability, but the way is interesting ”, said Eus.

The question is not yet, the platform economy is already a reality

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Wim Faber is critical of MaaS in response to a question from Özcan.“What is wrong in the Netherlands compared to other countries is whether it is standing still here, it is as if it did not get off the ground. Maybe a little unfair to Sonila. There may be a lot going on, but I see so little of it ”.

Sonila Methusi, one of the driving forces behind KNV's MaaS lab, which focuses on bringing all market parties together, contradicts this. We also see the platform economy in the other sectors and not only in mobility. Just look at the hotel industry and what happened to

“We may see slightly less compared to Helsinki, but we do see the seven MaaS pilots in the Netherlands as a way to search for a business or revenue model and regulations”, Sonila said.

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User Day 2019
Jan and Luc van Kasteren - Taxicentrale De Meierij - Liempde
Habib Sourmanshahi
Peter Verhoeven