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It is getting busier on Dutch motorhome pitches. The majority of Dutch motorhome owners notice this. This is evident from a poll on the website of the NKC, Europe's largest motorhome club.

No less than 64 percent of the respondents notice that it is getting busier on Dutch motorhome pitches. Zeeland, Limburg and Gelderland in particular are mentioned as extra busy provinces for motor home owners. Almost 40 percent say they have sometimes stood in front of a full camper place, so they had to look for another place to stay. 

Detour for motorhome

Half of the campers who stand in front of a full camper place, half go to a campsite nearby. For 35 percent, the preference for a motorhome is decisive, even if the motorhome is further away than the campsite. So they prefer to drive extra kilometers than to park their camper for the night at a campsite. Almost all motor home owners (90 percent) therefore believe that more motorhome pitches should be added in the Netherlands.

Growth of campers and camper pitches

The range of motorhome pitches in the Netherlands has grown considerably in recent years. In 2011 there were 628, this year there are more than 1700, according to figures from the NKC. This while the number of camping pitches is declining, reports the Chamber of Commerce (KVK). The number of campers in the Netherlands is also increasing. At the beginning of 2019, there were more than 118.000 registered copies in the Netherlands, since 2010 the number has grown by more than 80 percent. This is a European trend, with more motorhomes being sold in Germany for the seventh consecutive year in 2018 alone.

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The NKC has been actively engaged in the development of new motorhome pitches for years, in collaboration with recreation entrepreneurs, municipalities and other relevant authorities in the Netherlands. The poll was completed on the NKC website ( and Campercontact ( by 2.637 respondents.

About the NKC

The NKC represents the interests of Dutch and Belgian motor home owners. The NKC has its own insurance policies, organizes group trips and is the publisher of, among other things, the motorhome magazine. With the international, the NKC facilitates more than two million European motorhomes in their search for the ideal place to stay. For more information, visit and

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