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The activities of the Landelijk Klachtenmeldpunt Taxi Transport will be taken over by TX-Keur on 1 January 2020, the KNV reports to its members today. In addition to the takeover of the Complaint Reporting Point, KNV Zorgtransport and Taxi and TX-Keur will launch a new Disputes Committee for Healthcare Transport and Taxi on 1 January 2020. 

This newly established Disputes Committee for Healthcare Transport and Taxi is independent from the existing Disputes Committee for Taxi Transport of the Foundation for the Disputes Committee for Consumer Affairs (SGC) and is intended for KNV Healthcare Transport and Taxi members and TX quality mark holders.

The Complaints Desk is and will remain independent and, as was previously the case, accepts complaints about a taxi ride by taxi passengers. In addition, the Complaints Desk tries to mediate between the customer and the transporter so that they can reach a mutual solution. It actively strives to prevent eventual disputes. The takeover is necessary because the many years of subsidy from the ministry was ended.

Ongoing need for a Complaint Reporting Point.

TX-Keur continues the Complaints Reporting Point due to the social interest that the reporting point serves. Not all consumers can or want to come into direct contact with the carrier in case of a complaint. In addition, some are naturally not so articulate or digitally skilled enough to find their own way after an annoying experience with a taxi or healthcare transport ride. TX-Keur wants to continue to meet a social need by taking over the Taxi Transport Complaint Reporting Point.

The collected complaints and the information resulting from the Complaint Reporting Point are used (anonymously) to further improve the quality of the taxi transport. In addition, the information collected is important to identify trends and improvements. The trends can be used, for example, in political decision-making, to develop relevant courses or to provide advice for a better ride experience. After all, customer signals are indispensable for measuring the ride experience and for the improvements that can result from it.

Use of Complaint Reporting Point.

Due to the takeover by TX-Keur, the use of the Complaints Report Point may no longer be free of charge for all taxi companies in the longer term. It remains free for quality mark holders. All other non-TX-Keur affiliated companies that now refer to the Complaint Reporting Point on rate cards, websites or otherwise, will be contacted by TX-Keur and the Complaints Reporting Point.

New Disputes Committee for Healthcare Transport and Taxi.

KNV and TX-Keur have created the new Disputes Committee for Care Transport and Taxi to save costs. KNV members and quality mark holders do not pay registration costs (there are costs associated with settling a dispute). KNV Healthcare transport and taxi members or quality mark holders who do not have their own disputes committee are automatically affiliated with this. 

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