Today, the Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, Drs. KH Ollongren, informed the House about the planning of the handling of the Burial Act (Wlb). The standing committee for Home Affairs requested further clarification with regard to the planning.

In a letter dated January 17, Ollongren explained how she wants to renew the Wlb. Central to this is the advice of the Health Council on the admissibility of new techniques for funeral services.

The Health Council committee that is considering this advice was installed before the summer. The minister expects the advice, which may also have consequences for existing forms of funeral services, in the spring of 2020.

Renewal of the Wlb also focuses on existing forms of funeral services. Preparations for this have been started. For the renewal of the Wlb, the minister has started talks with sector organizations, professional associations, the Association of Dutch Municipalities and the Public Prosecution Service, all in coordination with her colleagues from Health, Welfare and Sport and Justice and Security.

The consultation focuses on the topics that she mentioned in her letter of 17 January, such as, for example, the shortening of the deadline for collecting the ash box and the recommendations of the Taskforce for autopsy and judicial section.

“Obviously, when preparing for the renewal of the Wlb, I also include the motions adopted as a result of the memorandum consultation 'Towards a modern funeral law' of 27 May, as set out in my letter of 28 June. I will inform your House about the progress of these preparations in mid-November this year. ”, says drs. KH Ollongren.

Immediately after the summer break of 2020, her aim is to inform the House about the government's position regarding the advice of the Health Council and about the precise content and further planning of the legislative process for the renewal of the Wlb. In accordance with the request of Mr. Middendorp, she will also address elements of digital legacy. This issue is currently being explored in consultation with the Ministry of Justice and Security.

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