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On 28 February 2019, the municipality of Weert and the municipality of Nederweert launched a joint tender for the transport of primary school students to and from gymnastics facilities for which two tenderers made a bid.

Despite the first bidder had not received a valid tender Taxi Horn was told on 29 May 2019 that it had not acquired the minimum number of points required to be eligible for the award. On the basis of these elements, the municipalities then withdrew the tendering procedure.

The Limburg company has gone to court with the primary demand to order the municipalities to reopen the tender and to prohibit the contract to anyone other than to Taxi Horn to award and reopen the tender and the bidding of Taxi Horn to be reassessed in accordance with the Guide by a new evaluation committee composed in accordance with the Guide.

De preliminary relief judge was of the opinion that, in view of the points awarded regarding the other quality aspects, this was also not done correctly, so that a further assessment is no longer necessary. The claim was granted and orders the municipalities to re-tender the contract.

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