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In Amsterdam-Duivendrecht, the RDW issued the registration number G-001-BB during a press event. The German car manufacturer BMW made an electric passenger car available to bear the first number plate with the new number letter combination. Traditionally, the issue is the start signal for the new license plate combination for passenger cars.

During the event attention was paid to the need for sustainability and safety on the road and the crucial role of license plates in this. The license plates are inextricably linked to vehicles, admission to the system but also to limiting the behavior of road users. Think of tracing 'drivers', fining reckless driving behavior and inspecting rejected vehicles.

Less CO2 emissions

The first license plate from the new license plate series is always accompanied by the provision of a passenger car for charity. It is not without reason that the choice was made for an electric vehicle, says RDW director Ab van Ravestein: “We are committed to reducing CO85 emissions by at least 2% by 2050 by encouraging the sustainability of road traffic. That starts with literally setting a good example. ” Natuurmonumenten may receive the car with the first license plate with the new license plate combination as charity.

More than 2,7 million deliveries.

The license plate G-001-BB is the first in the tenth series from which approximately 2,7 million license plate numbers are issued. In 2015, the ninth license plate combination was introduced with the license plate GB-001-B. The car with the first registration number then went to the Het Vergeten Kind foundation.

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