By now everyone already knows what Uber is, even if you never use a taxi. Uber has thoroughly cleaned up the taxi industry and has been gaining ground since it was founded in 2009. 

The Netherlands has few alternatives to the 'normal' taxi, but in other countries there are alternatives to Uber. Guest blogger Milly of Techgirl went to investigate.

Lyft is Uber's biggest rival in the United States. Both companies have similar smartphone apps, and both apps make booking a ride quick and easy. They also charge approximately the same rates. Some differences: Uber gives you an estimated arrival time before you book a ride, with Lyft you must first request a ride. 

With Lyft, passengers can add a stop along the route, which is not possible with Uber. But while Lyft operates in the United States and Canada, you can 'uber' in the US, Canada, Europe, Central and South America, Africa, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Lyft seems to prioritize growth in North America over international expansion, but it should come as no surprise if it will be available in Europe soon. Seems useful to you, picking up your friends on the way during an evening out or picking up your order at the PostNL point on the way somewhere. Bring it on!

Other alternatives by country.

  • is very popular in Brazil.
  • Didi chuxing is often referred to as the 'Uber of China'. Present in 400 cities across the country, the company also appears to be expanding outside of China.
  • Gett offers taxi services in Israel, Russia and London, as well as in Manhattan.
  • Grave is widely available in Southeast Asia, with more than 75.000 drivers and nearly 4 million users in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.
  • Mytaxi (Free now) is based in Germany and available in 9 European countries: Germany, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Swede, United Kingdom, Poland and Austria. With MyTaxi you can book taxis via a web browser or the app.
  • LeCab is a taxi service in (oui oui) France. Handy for those places where Uber is not available.
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