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Veilig Verkeer Nederland and Uber are going to work together! Over the next three years, we will jointly implement a number of measures and campaigns to improve road safety. The partnership applies to both Uber and Uber Eats. 

We focus on Uber drivers and couriers, but also on other road users. In addition, Uber is joining the Road safety coalition and signs the covenant on the safe handling of apps in traffic.

Bicycle safe package for couriers.

As a first step, Uber Eats is launching a “Bicycle Safe Package” for couriers. For example, when they start using the Uber app, couriers receive a set of reflectors, bicycle lights, a bicycle bell and a telephone holder. New couriers from Uber Eats are also required to receive a VVN road safety course. In addition, Uber is taking the initiative to only hire couriers aged 18 or older. 

Aukeline Tolman, General Manager Uber Eats Netherlands, about the first steps with Uber Eats:

"With this multi-year collaboration, we hope to make a further contribution to road safety. These measures must directly contribute to safer cycling behavior. This is the first important step in our multi-year partnership to make the road safer for all road users."

Road safety awareness drivers and couriers.

VVN director Evert-Jan Hulshof is positive about the steps Uber is taking to improve road safety:

“We are pleased with the importance that Uber attaches to road safety and the concrete steps that Uber is taking in a very short time when it comes to increasing road safety awareness among its drivers and couriers. A great basis to contribute to our mission Everyone is safe on the street ”.

Continue to invest in road safety.

"Safety is our top priority," says Thijs Emonts, General Manager Uber Benelux. "We continue to invest continuously to make a positive contribution to road safety in the city. After previous measures, including raising the minimum age for drivers to 21 years and compulsory VVN training on social road behavior for all drivers under 25, we will contribute to increasing road safety using the expertise of Veilig Verkeer Nederland. in the Netherlands" 

Photo: Uber - Safe Traffic The Netherlands

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Aukeline Tolman (Uber Eats), Evert-Jan Hulshof (VVN) and Thijs Emonts (Uber) announce the three-year collaboration