The E-Mobility Park in Vlissingen is growing and is a great success. TEAM Industrial Services is the 10th company to participate in the shared car park and will increase its mobility sustainable.

TEAM Industrial Services will use the electric shared cars as a flexible pool when their own vehicles are not available. A more sustainable and cheaper solution than buying or renting cars yourself. Employees regularly drive to other locations in Roosendaal, Rotterdam and Antwerp. Those distances are easy to bridge with an electric car.

Impuls Zeeland, HZ University of Applied Sciences, Orionis Walcheren, Municipality of Vlissingen, Promopolitan, Scalda, Dockwize, Zeeuwind and AddVision have already been using electric shared cars for their business trips. In addition, the park has dozens of self-employed persons and private individuals, which means that the number of users has now increased to 200. More shared vehicles will therefore be added to the park soon.

Island-wide network of shared cars: Schouwen-Duiveland Deelt

Mobility platform SD Op Weg and the Sustainable Mobility Zeeland Foundation are working together with the municipality of Schouwen-Duiveland and local parties on an island-wide network of shared cars on Schouwen-Duiveland.

Brouwershaven and Bruinisse are the first centers where the shared car pilots will start, expected in October. The Zeeuwland housing association plays an important role in Brouwershaven: they provide 1 electric car. Windfonds Krammer contributed to the initiative in Bruinisse. 

In addition, Garage Fioole will play an important role in all initiatives on the island. They provide registration, training and problem support for all shared cars. 

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