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The provincial group of the Forum for Democracy has asked the provincial government to draw attention to Arriva's new plans. According to Member of Parliament Maikel de Bekker, public transport is shrinking, while the incumbent parties in provincial and national politics are doing everything they can to get people out of the car and into public transport.

Arriva is busy with the exploitation plan for the coming years and this shows, among other things, that a number of city buses will disappear in Bergen op Zoom. In addition, residents of Halsteren and Lepelstraat are becoming more dependent on shared cars, shared taxis and shared bicycles, writes, the current local news platform of Weekblad de Bode. 

“How should residents of this municipality wherever 

If we fall in 2025 in a decent manner towards the new hospital to be built, we will ask ourselves ”, Maikel de Bekker asks the provincial government in questions. 

According to De Bekker, the province's core task is to guarantee good accessibility for all residents of the province. Regional transport, in particular, and regional connections must remain in good order to prevent further depopulation.

"It is very important that the province in particular facilitates keeping the areas liveable where there is less economic prosperity!"

That is why De Bekker now wants to know whether the provincial government agrees with him that the province must provide affordable public transport, also in the west of Brabant?

“Does the Provincial Executive (GS) agree with us that it will now be more difficult for residents of the centers of Halsteren and Lepelstraat in particular and that the travel time will be longer to arrive in the new Bravis by 2025? And does GS intend to sit around the table with Arriva and ensure that the above points (more frequent, more affordable and better coverage of public transport) are carried out even though the province has to draw a wallet for this?

Pitane Blue
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