KLM Crown Lounges offer an oasis of tranquility in the midst of the hectic pace of an airport. A stylish, serene environment with lots of privacy and space. There are Crown Lounges at Toronto Airport and Houston Airport, but you can also find them closer to home, at our home base: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Non-Schengen Crown Lounge, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

This brand new lounge combines KLM's hospitality with the best the Netherlands has to offer in terms of taste and innovation. The entrance is not to be missed, you can recognize the lounge by the thousands of Delft blue houses on Holland Boulevard.

What makes this lounge special is the division into different theme areas. Each with its own atmosphere and associated facilities. You can get to work in the quiet Polder, refresh yourself with a shower in the Sea, tap a beer in the City or relax with a movie in the Dutch Mountain. Whatever you need, you will find it in this special lounge. Basic amenities include showers, sleeping cabins, free WiFi and an extensive buffet of hot and cold dishes.

Once you reach the top you can check in with your digital or paper boarding pass. You can register here quickly and easily. If you come with a guest, you must report to one of the employees.

Schengen Crown Lounge renovation takes far too long

Are you staying within Europe? Then the Schengen Crown Lounge is the place to go before your flight or during a transfer. This lounge is ideal for a short break before continuing your journey. This European lounge is equipped with work areas, WiFi, showers and a buffet with cold and hot dishes.

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In an increasing number of airports, the lounge where Schengen airlines receive passengers is sad. Perhaps the KLM lounge at Schiphol airport is the saddest lounge where you are hidden in a dark room with a reading light.

However, this lounge is no longer up to date and renovation is taking too long. During the past heat period, it was done with a hastily sought air conditioner without a drain. There is a striking difference between Schengen and Non Schengen lounges within European airports.

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Seating area KLM lounge Schiphol
Air conditioning KLM lounge Schiphol
Jet Schengen Lounge Vienna
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