On Saturday 3 August, there will be more than 800 kilometers of traffic jam in France, according to the traffic police. Not only are there many long traffic jams in the southern direction, but returning holidaymakers must also have a lot of patience. 

According to the ANWB, the crowds already start on Friday 2 August from noon and it will not decrease until the end of the evening. Black Saturday starts with traffic jams before sunrise on the A6 / A7, the Route du Soleil. Not much later, traffic also crashes on the A10 between Paris and Tours and near Poitiers towards Bordeaux. There will also be long waiting times at the Mont Blanc tunnel in the N205 on the border with Italy. 

If you want to avoid the biggest crowds, do not leave the Netherlands until Saturday after 10.00:XNUMX. It is even better to only start on Sunday. There are alternative routes to the south of France. These are less busy than the Route du Soleil, as the most centrally located A20 Or the A71 / A75.

It also gets very busy in Germany. Especially on the roads around Stuttgart, Nuremberg en Munich it freezes. But also in the north at Bremen en Hamburg. This is done in many places in Germany worked on the road. This provides extra delay.

In Austria, it is mainly the Fernpass route (B179) in Tyrol and the A10 / A11 Salzburg-Villach- Slovenia where holidaymakers are delayed a lot this weekend. The Karawanken tunnel in the A11 is a bottleneck towards Slovenia, with waiting times of more than an hour. On the A4Vienna - Budapest gets crowded with visitors to the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Budapest. 

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Big crowds of toll booths
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