Leasing company Mobility Service Netherlands, the specialist in electric cars in the Netherlands, will collaborate with Jedlix, the expert in Europe in the field of smart charging in Europe. Both companies are pioneers in the field of electric driving and want to use this collaboration to make charging the electric car easier.

Simple and cheaper charging of the electric car.

More than 2025 million electric cars are expected to drive on European roads by 10. With the advance of electric cars and renewable energy, the pressure on the electricity grid is increasing, which increases the need for smart charging. The free Jedlix app offers a solution for this, because the car automatically loads at the greenest and cheapest moments. For example, if a lot of wind energy is available, or on off-grid moments.

Because the energy parties pay Jedlix for the flexibility created, electric drivers can save money by smartly charging the electric car. The annual savings can reach up to 200 euros per year. The driver only needs to connect the electric car to the Jedlix app, after which smart charging takes place automatically. Naturally, the car is fully loaded at the desired departure time.

The aim of this collaboration is to introduce lease drivers to smart charging and to further integrate the services of both parties. Mobility Service Nederland and Jedlix are joining forces to create the ideal 'smart charging experience' for the electric lease driver. 

Commercial director Hilda Boerma: "As an expert in electric mobility, it is vital for us to surround ourselves with renowned partners who want to invest with us in the future, the future of the electric car."

Co-founder Jorg van Heesbeen: “Leasing plays an important role in the growth of electric cars and the adoption of services such as smart charging. We are proud to enter into this partner project with Mobility Service Nederland and together offer the best 'smart charging experience' to the electric lease driver. ”

About Mobility Service Netherlands.

Mobility Service Nederland BV is the leading leasing company in the Netherlands in the field of leasing electric cars. In 2009, Mobility Service Nederland was the first importer of the Norwegian Th! Nk City, the first electric car in the Netherlands. Over the years, the company has built up a great deal of expertise and practical experience in business leasing, with a specialization in electric cars.

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