Last week enough was written about the heat, heat records and tropical schedules. No significant problems further down the road and, since aircraft were unable to take off from Schiphol Airport due to lack of kerosene, neither did the airspace. Due to this malfunction, the term 'climate neutral' flying got a new experience for the passengers. The feeling of a survival trip was further enhanced by the hastily collected camp beds and lack of information. 

Invest urgently in windows that open.

Perhaps the most striking was the cry for help when this heat was one normal It is becoming clear that the track needs to achieve large-scale in order to fulfill its role as a climate-friendly and social transport of the future Investments. In a train where the air conditioner fails, windows can hardly be opened and it quickly gets very hot.

FNV Taxi received a lot of reactions from members of taxi operator Noot, where the content of the collective labor agreement is given a new dimension by signing a supplement to contract renewal. Then you are immediately prepared to perform all types of work in passenger transport and of course you can deploy 24/7. In order to carry out these activities, you are prepared to travel by your own transport to all locations without travel expenses in accordance with the collective labor agreement.

Level 4 innovation and thinking along with the transport sector.

Good news from the innovation corner because Bosch and Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes, have a new one parking assistance developed. All you have to do is drive right after the barrier, then tap the smartphone screen a few times to activate the driverless parking function. It is of no use to you as a taxi driver, because it concerns level 4 of autonomous driving, where the car is self-driving in a defined area.

Achmea would like to help shape such new developments in the field of mobility and safety and was the first Dutch company to join insurer join an international coalition of partners from the automotive industry, technology industry, non-profit sector and science (PAVE). The cooperative parent company of well-known insurers such as Centraal Beheer, Interpolis and Zilveren Kruis supports the transport sector with its own vision on mobility. A separate vision, because Zilveren Kruis managed to place a tender in the market for which no one subscribed. Perhaps the taxi sector does not fully understand the vision?

Major delays expected for train, tram, bus and metro.

Looking forward to the next week burqa ban because they can cause delays in public transport of at least half an hour. As of 1 August, employees may know for themselves whether they are addressing the Muslim with burqa or nikab or the balaclava wearer against the ban, but they may not be evicted from the train, bus, metro or tram. This is a task for the police that indicates that when reporting from public transport they are not within half an hour by the tram, train, metro or bus in question.

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