Although the idea that electric cars are not the most powerful vehicles is slowly disappearing, for pick-up truck owners there is little better than diesel and clouds of smoke. Ford is trying to put an end to that idea, and has released a promotional video of why a full-electric Ford F-150 prototype is dragging ten large railcars.

The train was over 300 meters long. The train included 42 classic diesel F-150 trucks, bringing the total weight to over 550.000 kilos. The electric car doesn't go fast, but it does get to the finish.

Other than this prototype, Ford hasn't hinted much about the electric pickup truck yet. For example, it is not yet known what the range will be and how many kilos he can drag behind him in normal circumstances. It is also still unknown when the truck will come on the market and at what price.

Tesla also recently announced that it is working on an electric pick-up truck. Elon Musk bluffed in a tweet that the pulling force should be around 136.000 kilos.

Image: Ford

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