According to the director Patrik Straver of Straver Mobility Funeral Transport, the time has passed when everyone wants to be taken to their final resting place in a standard black car. Funerals are becoming more and more personal and more often reflect the deceased.

“We know a colleague company in England with a car with a leopard print and found it very funny, fun and playful. With the knowledge that more and more people want to personalize their funeral and show who the deceased is, we thought we would go along with that. The Cheetah may be very special, but also something to think about consciously. ”said Brigitte Straver - Operational Director Funeral Assist.

Owner Patrik Straver expects the 'Cheetah' to be reserved for funerals a few times a month. The fleet of his company therefore consists of cars of different types and different colors and a version in leopard print has been added.

“With a nod to contemporary women's fashion, where animal prints are very popular. We also styled it on the funeral chest, which we now also have with leopard print. And if desired, the driver can also dress in leopard print. ""

In order to be of service as quickly and efficiently as possible, Funeral Assist has divided its work area into a number of regions. At the branches, employees are available day and night at the Marconistraat 80 in Gouda and the Zwaalweg 10-12 in Barendrecht.

Brigitte Straver - Operations director
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