In recent years, Simone Berkelmans, owner of a taxi company, has been in a sounding board group of the municipality of Tilburg in which the problems and bottlenecks of taxi transport around the fair were discussed. One of the goals was to elevate the city's hospitality, Berkelmans said. “Some 140 taxi drivers have now taken courses and purchased the expensive taxi vignette.”

The shortage of pitches was also discussed in the sounding board group. “We were only allocated 25 pitches this year. That is the same number as last year, but with 140 license holders it should be at least double, ”says Berkelmans. The taxi drivers are concerned not only about the number of pitches, but also about the distance from the fair. “In a number of places we are three hundred meters away from the fair. "It will be chaos on Saturday evening and during Pink Monday," she predicts. "

“People don't know where the taxis are. If some three hundred visitors leave the Bierhal with alcohol at the end of the evening, it may become unsafe. There can only be a few taxis and then perhaps there is literally a fight for a taxi. Instead of removing bottlenecks, we have now created one. ”

The drivers may search for customers themselves. It is possible that they themselves create and find other places that are closer to the fairground. "That can also lead to dangerous traffic situations."

The municipality is aware of the signals. The municipality says that there are as many places as in previous years. The pitches are also the same distance as last year. If there are any problems, there will be a daily review of what can be improved, "for example with signs, but fundamentally little will change," said a spokeswoman.

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