The number of taxi companies has doubled in the past five years, according to figures from Statistics Netherlands. These are mainly drivers who work for themselves. The arrival of Uber and the relatively high taxi rates in the Netherlands may explain this.

The number of taxi companies has almost doubled in the past ten years. Most of the growth has taken place in the past two years. Taxi companies with one employed person fully accounted for the increase. In Amsterdam in particular, the number of taxi companies rose sharply. Statistics Netherlands (CBS) reports this on the basis of new figures.

Uber on the Dutch taxi market.

The sharp increase in independent taxi drivers is partly due to the entry of Uber into the Dutch taxi market. The American taxi app was introduced in the Netherlands in 2012, and actually broke through after the introduction of the cheaper Uber X format in 2015. Many of these taxi drivers often have a different job in addition to the Uber job or even work for a different taxi company.

In recent years, taxi drivers have been able to work via online services that connect drivers and travelers via an app. In addition, at 1 January 2016 the taxi law has been amended, making it easier to become a taxi operator.

The Netherlands scores poorly in terms of rates.

It is common for taxi drivers to always complain about income and regulations. Nevertheless, the Netherlands is one of the most expensive countries in Europe when it comes to meter prices. In a comparison of taxi prices by Deutsche Bank, Amsterdam ranks second after the Swiss Zurich. For a ride of eight kilometers in the capital, about € 24 has to be paid.

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Because a start, time and mileage rate is used, short trips are always relatively more expensive than longer ones. In the Netherlands, where the government sets the taxi prices annually, there is currently a starting rate of a maximum of € 3,19, a kilometer rate of a maximum of € 2,35 and a time rate of a maximum of € 0,39 per minute.

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