At the 175th edition of the Ghent Festivities, the City of Ghent is once again making considerable efforts in the areas of mobility and accessibility, temporary facilities in the public domain and sanitary facilities. The City makes one activity fully accessible every day, with extra attention for people with a visual or hearing impairment. Anyone who needs assistance when visiting the Festivities can also request a supervisor

Assistant to guide people with disabilities.

People with a disability, parents with a pram, less mobile people, in short everyone should be given the opportunity to fully experience the Ghent Festivities. Various city services, the accessibility officer and the square organizers are working together to make this possible. The planning is screened in advance and during the first days of the Festivities the situation is also checked on the spot with a group of experts.

During the Gentse Feesten, people with a disability can call on an assistant every day to accompany them, for example from the station or the bus stop to the Feestenzone. Together with that supervisor it is possible to attend any activity at the Ghent Festivities. The City is collaborating with Inter Events of the Accessible Flanders Agency for this. Assistance is available from 14 pm to 23 pm and must be requested at least 5 days before the planned activity.

Most of the activities of the Gentse Feesten take place in the core of the city, namely the Gentse Feestenzone. Specific guidelines apply to residents, traders, taxi companies and suppliers in the Ghent Festivities Zone.

The Ghent Festivities set the city on fire for ten days.

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The Ghent Festivities are a stimulating cultural folk festival from Friday 19 July to Sunday 28 July with countless national and international artists: unique in Europe because of a varied and free range of (music) performances, (street) theater, exhibitions, children's entertainment , fun fair, parades and processions and so much more

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